Fertil'innov Environnement - pour la vie de vos sols


Fertil’Innov Environnement is a Young Innovative Company (JEI French label) implementing ecological engineering strategies to the sustainable development of soil microorganisms. Our approaches for the rehabilitation are based on the potential of microorganisms promoting plant growth.


Fertil'Innov is also developing soil analysis solutions based on microbial flora analysis to provide solutions and improve fertilization agriculture.


We are at your service to help you in your multidisciplinary R & D process and meet your specific needs.

Our activities


Our diagnoses are based on the observation of your sites to be developped, their past history and an extensive dialogue with you.


➜ Initial state (pre-project)

➜ Fauna and flora diversity

➜ Molecular identification of flora, microfauna and microorganisms

➜ Biological, chemical and physical properties of soils and substrates

Fertil'Innov Environnement offers support and guidance to rehabilitate your sites and develop green spaces into landscapes.


➜ Industrial sites in operation: aggregates quarries

➜ Closed industrial sites: former mining sites, industrial wastelands

➜ Urban and peri-urban areas
Fertilisation biologique

Fertil'Innov Environnement offers a range of services related to sustainable agriculture and biocontrol products:


➜ Biological fertilization by biostimulation of root symbiosis: nitrogen nutrition via Rhizobium and Frankia and mineral nutrition (P, K, Fe, etc.) via endomycorrhizal fungi, ectomycorrhizal fungi and PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria)

➜ Isolation and selection of symbiotic fungi and/or bacteria sought according to the host plants

➜ Quantification of microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) from different hosts (seeds, soils, roots, plant protection products, inoculum, etc.): enumeration of microorganisms, mycorrhizal colonization, etc.

➜ Molecular identification of microorganisms

➜ Characterization of abundance and diversity of microbial communities based on high-throughput sequencing approaches

➜ Biological tests on plants under controlled conditions (strain effectiveness testing, competitiveness testing, etc.)
Fertil'Innov Environnement provides innovative sustainable solutions for public and private planners (consultancies, prime contractors, contracting authorities, companies, research institutes, local authorities). These solutions are based on the reconstruction of soil fertility as well as the permanent set up of cover crop adapted to every soil climatic conditions, particularly in the Mediterranean area, with the sustainability of a crop cover requiring little water and fertilizer.






Souhir Soussou
Founder and CEO
Business development and management of the company
In charge of microbiology and soil remediation expertise.

Alexandre Geoffroy
Research Engineer
In charge of mycorrhizal and molecular biology expertise

Johanna Finck

Johanna Finck
Laboratory Technician
Responsible for monitoring experiments and data collection

Jean-Claude Cleyet-Marel

Jean-Claude Cleyet-Marel
Consultant, former research director at INRA
Expert in soil microbiology and phytoremediation



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